JAMpr Case Study

A tailored approach

JAMpr is an award winning PR agency based in Manchester. They’re a brand that uses a customised approach to give each of their customers a tailored PR strategy and solution. They needed a new website that reflected this identity and bespoke approach to their work.


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Detail with character

Specifically, JAMpr wanted a website that looked completely different from anything on the web. They wanted something that wasn’t ‘out of the box’, a site that would have scatterings of animation and interaction. Design needed to present real character and reflect the brand’s personality.

Ultimately, when a user landed on the domain, they needed to feel that this was an ‘independent’ type of agency that designed solutions to the customer’s needs, not a company that offered ‘off the shelf’, mass market PR solutions.

Handmade JAM

Illustration featured predominantly in this project. The home page presents an illustrated ‘JAM world’, incorporating the Manchester landscape and a lever that the user can pull to turn the world upside-down and into a new environment. Throughout the site, we’ve included hand-drawn icons and details to give a strong feeling of character and personality.

We’ve also included elements of animation throughout to enhance the individuality. The site was built using an expression engine CMS and we ensured that it was set-up to allow any member of the JAM team to regularly update their blog, trophy cabinet and clients.

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